Friday, August 31, 2012

An Open Letter to Mitt

Dear Governor Romney,

I know you have a lot of expensive political advisors and professionals who have been at this ‘getting elected’ business a long time.  However, I hoped you might be open to some thoughts from an ordinary taxpayer out here in the boonies.  If not, you know where to file this.

First off, good choice of Paul Ryan.  That signals you plan to make the remaining days of the campaign about issues of concern to the voters out here:  jobs, the deficit, the control of entitlements and healthcare.  From the line up of speakers it looks like the Democrats plan to make the election about abortion and gay marriage.  Good luck with that.

I’m sure you know that no matter what some people are going to vote for Obama.  He could be photographed waving the Koran in one hand and a Communist flag in the other while buggering Bo, the First Family’s dog and the faithful will still vote for him.  This fact was demonstrated once again when Greta Van Susteren of Fox News was interviewing teachers, friends and family members of Paul Ryan shortly after his selection for VP.  One, his teacher, who has known Paul all of his life and respects and admires him, admitted he will not be voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket. Why?  Because he’s in the teacher’s union and he’s voting his self-interest.

Besides the unionized teachers there are a few other groups that vote in mass for the Democrats no matter what.  The Environmentalists and Trial Lawyers come immediately to mind.  No matter what the Romney/Ryan campaign might promise these groups, they will never vote for the GOP candidate.  If you acknowledge that fact, why not go after them?

Let’s start with the Department of Education.  From what I have been able to determine, the DofEd now has an annual budget of $70 billion, up from $29.4 billion in 2009.  What could they possibly do to justify that amount of money?  It’s just a bunch of bureaucrats living large and not educating one single student.  Look at their org chart!  If ever there was a bloated, inefficient outfit, this is it.  There are 151 individual programs aimed at educating K thru 12 kids.  All that money spent and look at the product coming out the other end.  Soft target.  Hit it hard.  It won’t cost you any votes, that’s for sure.

The EPA is another bloated bureaucracy wielding far too much power and demonstrating Obama’s increasing tendency to rule by decree.  In a recent WSJ piece (“EPA Smackdown #6”) the Federal Appeals Court just spanked the EPA for a ruling aimed at putting Texas coal fired electric utilities out of business.  According to the American Action scorecard this is the 15th time the Obama EPA has been over ruled.

With the price of oil once again flirting with $100 per barrel and gas nudging at $4.00 a gallon this is a good time to go after the enviro-wackos and the out of control EPA.  Obama said repeatedly that his policy was “all of the above… nuclear, oil, coal and gas”.  Bulls___!  The first thing they did was shut down Yucca Mountain  ($12 billion down the drain) and go after the coal industry.  Then they put all public lands and the coasts off limits for oil drilling and now they are trying to figure out how to shut down “fracking”, the enormously successful natural gas method that has cut the price of natural gas nearly in half.  And today they announced some new CAFÉ standards for autos that mandate 55 mile per gallon autos by 2025.  That will guarantee adding at least $2000 to the cost of a car and make them all that much more dangerous to drive.  Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, (by the way, what do those guys at the Department of Energy do?) famously said that “somehow we need to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels of Europe.”  Really?  Does eight dollar gas sounds like a good path to economic prosperity?

Finally, (and I’ll keep this short) it’s time to take a swipe at the Trial Lawyers.  I know no President ever mentions them because almost all the folks in Congress are lawyers.  But, you and all businessmen and women know that the tort lawyers add to the cost of everything in a significant way.  They drive people out of business and add enormous costs to healthcare and insurance.  It’s time to put an end to their gravy train.  Go after them and call for significant tort reform.  They give almost all their money and votes to Democrats anyway. Nothing to lose.

Anyway Sir, good luck to you.

Dick Draper
Dedicated Taxpayer

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